Call for papers

The second International Conference on Sustainable Cities (ICSC) will be held in the Moscow in Central House of the Entrepreneur, on 18 May 2018.

World's leading experts, scientists and representatives of government agencies will converge to share the experience of changing urban spaces, developing green technologies and working with innovations for economic development. The event is bound to become emblematic for Yekaterinburg.

The conference program consists of the scientific and the business track.

Researchers of leading institutes and young scientists will be presenting their work in the scientific track of the conference. The main emphasis will be made on the concept of smart cities, automated infrastructures, eco-design and architecture, green technologies.

The business track is aimed at a wider audience: representatives of major Russian and international corporations will be consider sustainable urban development from different perspectives - IT, energy, construction, transport, communal services, public authorities and local government.


- managers and senior executives of large companies have been invited to speak for developing business in related areas;

- representatives of government agencies will be speaking on urban development;

- a special guest of the conference.

Sections of the business track:

- "Smart" cities

Digital networks in the service infrastructure, architecture and development, IT, robots, smart home, smart grids, autonomous cars, smart grid and responding to demand, distributed generation and energy storage, transport (modes of transport, electric vehicles, biofuels, etc.), the human factor, data analysis, etc.

- Buildings and end-users

Buildings (architecture, materials, construction processes, automation, sustainability, etc.), eco-design and eco-labeling, energy-efficient consumer equipment, energy management (methods and system), etc.

- The city as a Habitat

Energy policy and planning, sustainability assessment, life cycle assessment, urban metabolism, industrial ecology, markets, and regulation; green energy - renewable energy, cogeneration, urban studies, urban planning, urban subculture, employment.

Scientific track:

The papers of the scientific track are selected on a competitive basis and will be presented at the conference by their authors. The conference papers will be indexed in Web Of Science Conference Proceedings Index and Scopus.

The language of publication is English. The conference will be held in Russian and English with simultaneous translation.


Participation fee

Attendance only:   10,000 roubles until 15 March,

                                   15,000 roubles from 16 March


Presentation of a scientific report:

                                   15,000 roubles 

The papers are to be submitted by 18 April 2018 




Natalia Polkovnikova

tel.: тел.: +7-925-92-40-565,

Evgeniya Fedorova - scientific track

tel.: +7 (343) 375-48-24, +7-902-26-20-148,