Business track

The business track is composed of thematic sections, which will feature representatives of leading companies, each representing a certain sector. They will be sharing practical experience of implementing various projects in their spheres. The business track of the conference, therefore, is characterized by uniqueness and fullness of the information submitted in business cases. The basic idea behind this is ensuring active participation of representatives of the business community, heads of IT companies, as well as representatives of such sectors as energy, engineering and construction, transport, management systems, municipal economy, public authorities and local government.


Sections of the business track:

- "Smart" city

Digital network service infrastructure, architecture and development, IT, robots, smart home, Smart grid, autonomous vehicles, smart grid and responding to demand, distributed generation and energy storage, transport (modes of transport, electric vehicles, biofuels, etc.), the human factor, data analysis, etc.

- Buildings and end-users

Buildings (architecture, materials, construction processes, automation, sustainability etc.), eco-design and eco-labelling of consumer energy-efficient equipment, energy management (methods and system), etc.

- The city as habitat

Energy policy and planning, sustainability appraisal, life cycle assessment, urban metabolism, industrial ecology, markets, and regulation; green energy - renewable energy, cogeneration, urban studies, urban planning, urban subculture, problems of employment.



- managers and senior executives of large companies have been invited to speak for developing business in related areas;

- a special guest of the conference;


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